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Gel nails step by step

Applying Gel Nails

Keep in mind that, while the application steps sound simple, it is difficult to learn how to apply gel nails correctly. Unless you are experienced it is better to leave application to the proffesional

Applying as a Natural Nail or Tip Overlay

  1. First your nail will be prepared by removing any dust and oils. At this time nail tips will be applied if you want them. Once again they will be dusted and cleaned to remove any shine. This is necessary because the gel will not stick to shiny areas.
  2. Next, a thin coat of primer is applied to your nail and nail tip if you are using them. Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Now the first coat of gel will be applied. This coat must be thin and cannot be allowed to touch your skin or the nail will lift later on. Once this coat is applied your nail will cure under a light for one to three minutes depending on the lamp being used.
  4. After the first coat has cured a second coat will be added. This coat will be a little thicker than the first. Arches are added by pushing a bead of gel along your nail. The brush should never actually touch your nail; it should rest on the bead of gel and glide across the top of your nail as if it is floating. Once again your nails will now cure under the light for one or two minutes.
  5. The third coat is applied more slowly to allow the gel to set up into a gelatin-like consistency. During this step, the stress area across your nail will be reinforced and more arching will be added. Then your nails will cure for another minute or two.
  6. Finally your nail will be inspected for thin spots. If it is necessary, additional gel will be added at this time. If more gel needs to be added your nails will cure under the light again.
  7. Any sticky residue now needs to be removed with a gel cleanser or alcohol. Once your nails are cleaned no more gel can be added unless your nail is buffed again to remove any shine. Wash your hands to remove any dust and residue
  8. At this point, your nails are shaped and contoured. Finish by buffing until your nails are smooth and add polish or a clear top coat.

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